10 of the Most Interesting Facts Worth Knowing

Facts are figures really add to ones knowledge and its good to learn something about science. This article aims to knowledge you with some of the most interesting facts from all around the world. These facts are science based and are published after doing some research. All of these ten interesting facts will surely leave you a good amount of mindful knowledge. Since, this world came into existence it got a lot of hidden facts inside it and some of these facts are yet un explained. Science is trying to get practical reasoning of these interesting and weird facts. Let the science try to undercover them, you just read these interesting facts.

Facts Worth Knowing

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Ten of the Worlds most interesting facts which will leave you stunned:

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1- Human Head can Support 12 Tons:

A full head of human hair can support 12 tons of weight, thats how people who pull cars with their head actually do it successfully. Now, you can do your household heavy tasks with the help of your hair also, Just Kidding. Just to increase your information a single strand of hair can bear around 100g weight. The hairs are quite unique in properties. They can easily be bent can be folded and grow at the same time.

1.1 Human Hair are strong interesting facts

2- Polar Bears are not White Actually:

Polar bears are not white, you will be amazed to know , the reality is something quite different. After knowing this you will not trust your eyes in case of colour always. Polar bears hair shaft is actually transparent with a hollow core. When the light falls on this hollow core it reflects the light. Due to light scattering the colours of every spectrum get mixed and this shows you the colour white. This is the same case as it appears with the snow and ice. Later, polar bears appeared to be green also and this happened just because of the algae which was growing inside their hollow hair shaft. But doctors made them white again by killing algae with some sort of salt solution. Thus, be careful while judging the possible colours of things.

2 Polar bears are not white interesting fact

3- An Animal Arthropod can Boil water with speed of it’s punch:

Mantis shrimp is an arthropod of the kingdom animal which can punch at such a speed causing the water to boil. There are several videos over the internet which have been slowed down 800 times to detect the punch speed and boiling phenomenon of the punch of mantis shrimp. These arthropods due to such a strong punch are often seen playing around with octopus and larger sea creatures. These are reported to be 30cm long and in some exceptional cases more than 30cm to be exactly 38cm in length.

3 Mantis Shrimp can boil Water

4- A Blind Person sees nothing not even Darkness:

What do you think about blind persons? Do they see darkness? I used to think the same before. But in reality they never see darkness instead they see nothing. A black colour is a visual thing. You see combination of all the colours as a black colour. Now, if one is blind and his mind can’t sense colours, here by mind I mean brain then he just sees nothing. It’s just like you want to see with your hand.

4- Blindness makes you see no colors interesting facts

5- The longest time between two twins born is 87 Days:

The longest duration between the two twins birth is 87 days. Twins can either be identical or else can be different too, the identical twins are born when one single egg in female distributes into the two making similar twins formation possible. The names of these twins shown in the picture is Amy and Katie. Amy was the one which was born quite earlier before the 9 months of normal gestation period. Doctors thought to do labour of both the babies, but after Amy birth the contractions of the lady stopped. And the Katie was still in the womb, both the parents decided to let the nature help them and after 87 days, the Katie was born.

5 Twins born 87 days apart

6- Everyone has a unique tongue print like fingers print:

Every person has a unique tongue print and this is quite an interesting fact. Just as the finger print everyone has his own identity of the tongue print.

6 unqiue tongue print an interesting fact

A research has been done in the case of tongue biometrics. There are considerations to use tongue as a biometric. Tongue though lies safe inside mouth and is difficult to be forged.

7- Light always doesn’t travel at standard speed of light:

Light always doesn’t travel at speed of light. Light can be slowed down also and the standard speed of light is 299792 Km/s and the slowest speed of light firstĀ attained was 17 meters per second. Later on after a scientist was even able to stop the light completely and then restart the light. We all know that when light enters into different mediums, there is a shift in light speed. The effect was gained through the same phenomenon. Slow light got a lot of uses, slow light can be used to transfer data with less noise. Slow light in telephone can be used for better voice and video transfers.

7 Slow Light is Possible Interesting Fact

This is really an interesting fact to know that light can actually be stopped and resumed.

8- An immortal creature exists on Earth:

There is an immortal creature which lives on earth. Its called as Torritopsis dohrnii. This interesting fact might appear to you a bit weird also at the same time, but actually this type of jelly fish recycles through its life cycle just as one creature. Others animals just produce their young ones to continue their race. But this specie of jelly fish just repeats its life by going back to sexually pre-mature stage. That can be called as some sort of immortality.

8 Immortal Jelly Fish Interesting Facts

9- The First Man to Urinate on Moon:

The first man to urinate on the moon was Buzz Aldrin. He did that after just landing on the moon.

9 First to pee on moon interesting fact

10- A man having the longest beard died because of his beard:

Isn’t it such an irony? A man who had the longest of the beard just died because of it, he was running to save his life and tripped off by getting his feet into his own beard. He was actually caught in fire and when he started to run he accidentally stepped over his own beard and broke his neck and died at the spot.

10 Man with longest beard died

So this was the end of some of the most interesting facts, this blog will soon come up with other interesting and weird facts. To get these facts and figures direclty in your inbox consider subscribing by entering your email in the dark blue box present in the sidebar.

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