10 creeps when went from being epic to cringeworthy real quick

Written by Wamiq Ali

Playing the creep card requires a lot of experience and patience in handling the trash. These guys knew when exactly to be a real creep in order to push other people to the creep void. These people have mastered the cringe-worthy art on the social media. I think it’s time to tag that friend in this post which offers creepy comments on your posts. This might help him feel how bad you feel about his presence.

Someone posted on social media a picture asking others to tag a girl who looks beautiful without makeup. This guy tagged a girl but he knew what he wants to do with that girl.

Credits: reddit/u/VestibularSense

Ever heard someone play an April’s food card so nicely that it creeps out the original concept of it? Well, we’ve this guy here, who punched a pregnant woman.

Credits: reddit/u/BowlsOfRamen

Back biting isn’t a good thing, why? This coworker can help you understand the concept better, like how he accidentally exchanged bad vibes about another worker.

Credits: reddit/u/ foolishpheasant

The logo looks like a bit official, well somebody please educate this guy and let him know about the latest technology.

Credits: reddit/u/Castiel9009

This guy casually retells the story of his nickname. After messaging her, she said she couldn’t believe that a guy would share a story like this publicly, she just couldn’t believe!

Credits: reddit/u/Callumite

Someone changed their picture and came to Facebook after a long time, and this is what happened.

Credits: reddit/u/scrumbly

This is what a failed knock knock joke looks like, and I’m sure the other person doesn’t regret to ruin it.

This woman received this letter from a crazy cousin with whom she hasn’t spoken in like 20 years. This cousin also lives in mountains without electricity.

Credits: reddit/u/_Jxander

She should have known how to do the right math! But it’s fine, sometimes people aren’t good at maths. However, not being able to do the math and still being insistent on your point is bad.

Credits: reddit/u/AntonioOfVenice

I think this twitter account should be closed by the owner themselves. Since they don’t know what they are doing with this twitter account. Someone must make them realise by tweeting them the reality.

Credits: reddit/u/Khair1223

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