10 Great Tips on Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art and a very powerful weapon as well as a tremendous healer. It all depends on the speaker, the motive behind the speech and the way it is delivered to a group of public. The speaker can be said to be the most important entity of public speaking as a speech delivered by two different people can cause a very different impact. There are some tricks and tips on public speaking which can help you a lot in such situations or when you are conveying your message to a group of people.


1- Prepare your speech

It is a very useful practice to write the stuff on a piece of paper that you have to deliver to the public. Going blunt into a public occasion and having just the idea of what is to be said can fail miserably sometimes. If you even ask your teachers for some tips on public speaking, the first one would be to prepare the speech 9 out of 10 times.

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2-Keep the language that is understandable by the audience

You might have seen some political leader especially in non-English speaking countries speaking to their nation in English. The official statements from the head offices of the nation are in English whereas most of the people addressed don’t know what the leader is talking about due to language barrier. One of the most important tips on public speaking is to keep the language local, understood and spoken by the local public which is the subject of the speech or address. You would also get an affection from the public once they understand what you are trying to tell them.

3- Rehearse the speech

Practice makes a man perfect. It is a world renowned proverb used by every other person advising about the practice and the importance of trying to do something personally at a small scale before going on the big stage. Once you get the speech written on a paper, always rehearse it a couple of times with your friends and family or you can even use a simple mirror to do that.

4- Dress according to the occasion and public

One of the most important reason behind public speaking is to interact with the local people who gather to attend the session. It may be any occasion for example some voting campaign or a public booth. The natives will always prefer someone whom they can trust and who looks like them. A very helpful tip on public speaking is the dress code. A very well suited man in the area of rural people may reflect the image that he is just here for his own benefit and have nothing to offer them. On the other hand, they would see someone of their own style more suitable to represent them.

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5- Do some extra research

Just in case you get a chance to speak in front of people belonging to a high class of society or even in case of any research or academic stuff, there are always questions at the end. Everyone going for such an encounter prepares for some obvious questions but it does not cover all the requirements every time. There is a strong possibility that someone from the audience may come up with a question relating your work with some other field of life. It is always helpful to prepare by thinking out of the box and putting in some extra effort to study and research your work.

6- Make eye contact

Making eye contact with your audience can be very helpful in boosting your confidence and letting them know that you are here for some real thing, not just to read out what is written and guide them to sleep. Making and keeping the eye contact attracts the interest of the public towards what you are telling them. Looking around the area or looking at your feet doesn’t help any bit in this regard. Be confident and look into the eyes of the public you are telling something to.

7- Involve the public

Speeches are mostly boring and people fall asleep during a lot of them. It is due to that fact that they lose interest and start thinking about other stuff which eventually ends up in dreams. One of the most common tips on public speaking is to keep the public involved in your speech by asking some questions or fun facts about their feeling or their prior knowledge about your thing. An active public makes things a lot easier and satisfying at the end.

8- Don’t bore your audience

Long speeches with some facts and figures is not everyone wants. There are a very few people who like this stuff, otherwise this is the paper stuff that is provided in reports to the concerned people only. Public gets bored with this and they start praying for the speech to end. You don’t want to get yourself to that point so the best thing is to avoid all that and not let your audience get bored. Use different tones during your speech to make an effective impression on them.

9- Start with the bright points

The public is most enthusiastic at the start of any activity. As the time passes, they lose interest and no matter how well the speech is organized, the passion dims eventually. To keep the starting spark for a longer time, it is best to encourage it and it can be done by bringing up what they want to listen upfront or at least mention them in the introduction so they stay alert waiting for their thing and listen carefully.

10- End on a high note

Ending of any speech is very important. The body of any speech or report is the boring stuff and meant only for the concerned people. Ending on a high note has a very vital role in tips on public speaking, it attracts the attention of the public which might be lost in thoughts or asleep. There are people who neglect the whole speech and listen only the start and the end. And for the public speaking, it is always like the more the merrier.