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10 facts about Nigeria which are worth knowing

Nigeria is a country in Africa. This information about Nigeria is for those who want to know more about the country. Therefore, this article contains facts about Nigeria which probably you didn’t know before. You might be a researcher or a traveller, these facts are equally good for everyone to learn and remember.

1. Nigeria’s GDP is 397bn USD

Nigeria’s GDP is top most in Africa. Recent figures of the year 2018 provided by World Bank reveal the country’s GDP to be $397bn. According to the quarterly 2017 GDP report, as released by the Statistics Department of the Nigeria, Agriculture contributes 29.15%, Industry – 22.56% and Services have a share of 48.28% in its yearly GDP. Oil sector in the overall GDP constitutes a good share of around 10%. Nigeria is a good exporter of crude oil.

In 2018, Nigeria’s exports amounted to $60bn, with an import bill of $41bn in the same year. The country takes good care of its current account deficit.

2. 250 Ethnic groups reside in Nigeria

Nigeria is an ethnically diverse country. According to this report, the data collected in 2018 shows that the main ethnic groups in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Around 30% of women and 31% of men in Nigeria belong to Hausa ethnicity. If you go into details about ethnic groups found in Nigeria, chances are you’ll get pretty exhausted because of a large number of different ethnic groups. There are 36 states in Nigeria and every state is a federating unit.

Because of this number of ethnic groups in Nigeria, there happen to be around 500 indigenous languages which are spoken in the country. You may not be able to find a script for every language, because some are verbal in nature.

3. English is the official language

Nigeria has around 500 indigenous languages, some of those have gone extinct; however, one thing is strange to learn. As a matter of fact, English is the official language in Nigeria. According to the locals who have answered on Quora, English is the widely spoken language in Nigeria. However, it’s mostly followed in official arrangements, other than that, people like to use the indigenous language or street language. One example of English usage is Pidgin English, even some radio channels along with translations of Bible follow Pidgin English.

4. Nigeria has democracy since June 12, 1999

The country having top most GDP in Africa has a federal presidential republic government. It extends suffrage to everyone who is at least 18 years old. It has a legislative branch – called National Assembly, an Executive branch – headed by the president and a judiciary – the apex court called as Supreme Court. For most of the part of history, Nigeria has been ruled by military Junta. Back in 1999, the ruling military junta handed over power to the elected government. The current period makes the longest one, after gaining independence from colonial rule in 1960, in which elected government heads the federation.

5. Most populous city in Nigeria is Lagos

Lagos is one of the most famous and populous city in Nigeria. It’s a major tourist attraction. Lagos is a coastal city; therefore, Port of Lagos is one of the busiest in Africa. It helps the 10% inclusion of oil sector in the overall GDP of Nigeria. Lagos has skyscrapers, amazing parks, entertainment options and exotic beaches.

It’s home to a booming entertainment industry, Nollywood. Among some of the most celebrated actors, Genevieve Nnaji is one, according to CNN she is the Julia Roberts of Africa.

Nnaji in her movie, Lion Heart 2018

6. Nigeria has an active military of 120,000 personnel

Globalfirepower has collected some amazing facts about the military of Nigeria. After getting to know the governmental structure of the Nigera, one should also know its defense capabilities. The aforementioned website has ranked Nigeria 44 out of 137 with the US on top of the list in 137 countries.

Nigerian military has 120,000 personnel. It has around 131 aircrafts to defend its airspace from any unwanted aggression. Its defence budget is around $2.3bn annually compared with a $716bn budget of the US military. The stats about the US military is to give the reader a perspective. All these states are collected between 2018 and 2019.

7. Niger river is the third largest river in Africa

Niger river flows through five countries namely Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin and Nigeria. It contributes to much of the commercial activity. The river runs through the famous and ancient city of Timbuktu in Mali. One of the largest dams built on Niger river is called Kainji Dam. Its construction was completed under the auspice of Nigerian government in the year 1968. It can provide 750MW of energy to Nigeria.

Kainji Dam in Nigeria on River Niger

8. Third Mainland Bridge in Nigeria is largest in Africa

After learning about Niger River, we can’t just leave behind the fact that the largest bridge in Africa is present in Nigeria. The name of this bridge is Third Mainland Bridge and it’s deemed the largest in the continent. It was completed in the year 1990. It’s situated in Lagos, which is the former capital of Nigeria. After its completion, the Third Mainland Bridge relieved much of the traffic in Nigeria. Remember? Lagos is a pretty populous city.

Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos

9. Africa’s oldest boat, Dufuna The canoe was discovered in Nigeria

Readers who want to learn facts about Nigeria, would also be interested in knowing some historical facts. The Africa’s oldest boat was discovered in Nigeria. It’s name is Dufuna The canoe. According to the archaeologists it’s 8000 years old. It was discovered in 1987 by the Fulani herdsman in Nigeria.

10. Yoruba group has highest twin birth rate in world

Twin rate is pretty high in Central Africa. One ethnic group responsible for this high twin birth rate of 18 twins per 1000 births, is Yoruba. The scientific explanation of this fact can not be attributed to a single thing, various sources suggest different reasons. BBC covered this in a report, in which it mentioned that the rate of twin births in West Africa is four times higher than the rest of the world. It’s mentioned that no body is sure why the town is so twin prone when compared to the other regions in the world.

Last fact, Nigeria is often called as the ‘Giant of Africa’.

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