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10 facts about African Cup of Nations 2021

Written by Wamiq Ali

The 32nd edition of the African Cup of Nations was played in Egypt. The tournament gained pretty much attention, and its next edition is going to happen in 2021; therefore, depending upon its increasing popularity, more and more people like to know about the tournament. This article brings about a collection of the facts about African Cup of Nations 2021 with a mix of the facts about the tournament as a whole.

1. 24 teams would participate in AFCON 2021

According to the earlier estimates, 24 teams would take part in the African Cup of Nations 2021. Out of the 55 countries in Africa, as mentioned by the African Union, 24 would take part in this tournament.

2. Egypt, Algeria and Morocco are top contenders of AFCON 2021

African Cup of Nations 2019 suggests that Egypt, Algeria and Morocco are the top contenders. As each one of these teams played three matches in Group A, C and D, respectively and won all the three. Although, Algeria was the only one to reach the quarter-finals in 2019, besides Morocco skipped the quarter-finals due to lower penalty score against Benin.

3. Algeria is the champion of AFCON till 2021

Algeria would be pretty strong contender. It moved to the finals and won against Senegal. This brings to the Senegal which won 2 matches out of three matches in the initial group matches stage. Senegal belonged to Group C, the same group in which Algeria was placed. Final was played between Algeria and Senegal.

4. Group matches, 16-team matches, 8-team matches and quarter-finals is the format

The African Cup of Nations follows in a linear pattern of choosing out the best based on the number of the wins. The initial matches of 24 teams take place in group of 4 teams. Those matches provide for 16 winners, which provide for 8 winners in the next stage of matches. Then the quarter-final and final.

5. AFCON 2021 would be the 33rd Edition of the soccer game

In 2019, the tournament hosted the 32nd edition of the game. The 2021 edition would serve as the 33rd episode for the soccer game including 24 teams. For the first time in the history, 24 teams took part in the tournament inn 2019.

6. AFCON 2021 would take place in January-February slot

Several news sources have suggested that the tournament is going to be back to its old slot, January-February. This means that the Premiere League would get affected, as the top players like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane etc. wouldn’t be available. In the 2019, the tournament was moved to the European summer season. However, this new decision is to avoid the rainy season.

7. AFCON first took place in 1957

It’s biennial event which takes place every two years, the last one happened in 2019, the next would take place in 2021. It was first started inn 1957 and after 1968, it took place every two year.

8. Egypt is the most successful team of AFCON

According to the results of the 32 AFCONs taken place since 1957, Egypt secured the most cups and victories. Egypt has obtained 7 titles so far, which makes it the most successful country in Africa regarding soccer’s flagship tournament in the region.

9. Qualifiers for AFCON 2021 took place in October-September 2019

The fixtures of the AFCON 2021, lead to the qualifiers which took place between the months of October and September in 2019. The qualifying table shows groups from A to L. ESPN published the results, according to it, 52 teams entered the competition. Eritrea, Somalia and Cameroon decided to skip the qualifiers. FIFA rankings are also considered in the qualifying stages. Those having poor rankings have to go through a preliminary round.

10. Cameroon would host the AFCON 2021

In the last edition of AFCON, the venue was shifted to Egypt from the Cameroon due to the poor management. However, AFCON 2021 would be happening in Cameroon, this time the audience hopes that the mistakes of past would not be repeated.

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