10 eye-opening tweet which show dangers of govt. shutdown

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Government shutdown is something which is often taken lightly by most people who think that this would lead to some fun times in the political history of the country. However, users have shared their experience in order to publish the dangers of government shutdown. United States as well as United Kingdom can be witness as one of the great bastions of the people’s voting mandate in the shape of the democracy. These two countries were proponent of the globalization for making a free economy around the world. However, in recent times. UK is going forward for a Brexit while America is proposing a border wall to keep the immigrants away.

Trump tried to strong-arm democrats and hundreds of workers are not being paid their salary. These workers are critical because many among them are deployed at the critical locations.These locations included places of airport which are critical for security.

People share their experience of government shutdown, and it’s causing pain

This woman shared her experience about the TSA agents not working their job because they were deprived of their salaries. She became concerned that TSA not doing its job meant more bad people into country.

This guy talked about the critical nature of the jobs for which the workers were not being paid. He shared his experience after flying through three flights and not getting the required service.

So, this one person shared the experience of one known person who works as TSA agent. He could afford going to the airport because he was getting navy pension while his other colleagues were out of luck.

This guy went a step ahead and didn’t shy away from calling the president one like the Putin. Well, this is quite a far-right argument which isn’t true in many ways.

The above conversation which Bill Weir had with a TSA agent is quite clear and there is not a single point which might not be comprehend-able to a common person. These people didn’t get paid. One person commented on BoredPanda that the colleagues of these TSA agents called in sick in order to do other jobs for earning their daily wage, however, the oval office didn’t care enough.

This person decided to give a TSA agent some tip if she would help her with the luggage. Now, people like this person are less, some are on budget and this can’t be tantamount to salary which an agent gets.

This woman shared the plight of her husband. He works as a TSA agent and she shared that they were out of cash. The last resort for them to get the cash was pension fund, however, this would be the last nail in the coffin, according to the wife.

There are passengers who follow the law like a religion. This traveller offered a TSA agent that he would open his laptop bag to get things checked, but the TSA agent was quite angry as she was not getting paid.

So it’s quite obvious that these TSA agents because of the non-payment of their salaries suffered a lot. This kind of burdens them because they aren’t able to pay for their life amenities in such a situation. Most people live from paycheck to paycheck.

Enough of the plight of these agents. The government should have taken care of these people. Many executive decisions which trickle down from top to the bottom don’t preserve their purpose.

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