10 Easy Freelance Jobs to Add Passive Income in 2020

Who doesn’t want to add passive income? In the modern world almost everyone is in need of some extra cash, let alone hermits and escapists. People try every way to increment their earning and in doing so they don’t shy away from doing some freelance work. However, there is a general mis-conception that freelance jobs are only for those who have higher skills. This isn’t true, even if you can wash clothes then that counts as a skill set which can help you earn money. We are about to show you ten easy freelance jobs which you can do in 2020 to earn some extra bucks.

1. Social Media Influencer

Internet is freedom as it allows equal opportunity to anyone for posting and sharing his opinions. A social media influencer is probably the easiest freelance job, which an extrovert person can do in 2020. Anyone who has an access to the internet can create influential posts in differing fields such as entertainment, finance, law, technology and current affairs.

A person who has something to share on the internet can start right away from his own personal account whether he is on Twitter or Facebook. As he shares content based on a single niche, like minded people start to follow him, which increases his exposure. The audience and followers can be used for brand promotions and advertisement offers.

2. Teach People in Freelance Capacity

Teaching something never gets old. One can spare out and hour or two in his daily routine to teach something. One of the best way to become a teacher is to find a student in your own locality. Use your social media and ask for some relatives who might be interested in getting you hired. Language teacher, drawing teacher, mathematics teacher or computer teacher are different fields which one can choose to become a teacher and earn some passive income. Teaching something is always an easy task especially when one is adept in skills.

You can also use your social media for online classes. Recently, in 2020 many people are using Skype to conduct online classes. Students from remote areas are more comfortable with this arrangement as they don’t get to travel much.

3. Do House Chores of Neighbour

If you believe that you can enjoy doing house chores, especially for the elderly people in your neighbourhood then taking out a couple of hours in a day can end up being a good source of passive income. A job related to house chores is an easy one because it doesn’t not involve any technical skills. However, the employed person should have common sense to understand the environment and requirements of the employer. Sometimes elderly people live alone and require someone to keep a check on them, you can be that person.

It is the easiest freelance job and it also helps one earn some social points in the neighbourhood. Further, it requires no additional skills.

4. Babysitter for Working Parents

In 21st century, almost every parent is doing two jobs a day in order to meet both ends. Therefore, a new freelance job has appeared in the market, which is to babysit. It’s even easier than doing house chores, the responsible person has to take care of the baby when parents are out for work. Due to the emotional value, parents often require a good person to babysit further they are also willing to pay more. You can search your neighbourhood or social media to find if anyone needs a babysitter for their kid.

5. Pet Caretaker or Petsitter

Many people keep pets because they feel happy in their company. However, not all can take their pets outside to their working place. Due to their inability to keep pets with them every time, they often hire a petsitter who may take care of their beloved pet. This job according to us is a littler harder than the earlier ones; as a general sense of animal well being is required. Petsitter job is not suitable for you if you don’t feel comfortable with animals. Owners are emotionally attached to their pets; therefore, if you are not a pet lover then don’t indulge in this freelance job.

6. Sale Your Crafts Online

If you are a crafty person then you can sale your created products online. This can include work of pottery, shoe making, painting or dress designing. A person needs a mobile camera and a social media account to take a start. This freelance job is easy when you have a penchant for your art. There are many social media accounts which are promoting their work of art. People often slide into their inbox to place custom orders.

In addition to the sale, you can also create videos of your craft making. Many people are interesting in learning your skills through videos, trust us.

7. Virtual Assistant or Virtual Manager

A virtual assistant takes care of the affairs of his employer through internet. He takes note of his appointments, meeting dates, finance details and any other reminders which are worth remembering. Virtual assistant simply attempts to increase the productivity of his employer by offering his management services. A single person can not take care of every affair, especially when there are a lot of things which he has to deal with. In such a case, many people prefer to hire a virtual assistant because it offers them ease of access and assistant’s 24/7 availability.

Virtual assistant jobs can be found on certain platforms through online search. Social media sites also offer virtual assistant jobs as individual posters find it safe to find them through groups.

8. Travel Planner and Tourism Manager

Tourism is one industry which offers much potential to those who want to earn extra money with added enjoyment. A travel planner knows more than a common person about tourism. He understands the type of hotels and places worth visiting for sake of a destination planning. If you have travelled some place which you feel is worth visiting then you can be a travel planner. In this way you can not only arrange visits of tourists to that place but you an also teach them the historical essence of that place.

9. Translate into English

If you know two or more languages then you can work as a translator in your country. There are thousands of language spoken in the world. People are mostly looking for a person who might translate their content into English. If you are adept in speaking and writing english then you can also translate it from your local language.

10. Help Students in Academic Writing

Many professional degree students are striving in their assignments. If you are a graduate in the same field then you can help them using your experience. The top most priority of the students in professional degrees is to earn good grades. In exchange for your help you can charge some fee. Engineering under-graduates mostly need help in problem solving techniques.

Academic writing can even extend to lending help in thesis and research work. However, ethics of academic help must be considered before lending a hand.


The above ten jobs are pretty easy which can help anyone earn some extra money. Those don’t require any past experience or written degree. Starting these freelance jobs does not require any additional capital. In case you have a query, then ask it in comments, don’t forget to subscribe if you are hunting for some easy freelance jobs, as we plan on posting on this topic in future as well. Last but not the least, be bold enough to seek work.