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10 best types of people to have as travel buddy

Travelling is a hobby for some people, profession for some and something to be done once in a while for some. Whatever the case may be, travelling is and experience that everyone should go through often and explore the world around. The places to visit vary as per the people taste and the travelling is amazing when you have a travel buddy. It may be anyone from your brother to any acquaintance you have never met before. Here are some kind of people you might find best to travel with as per your taste and nature of travel.

1- Students

Students make an amazing travel buddy. You can always learn a lot of things from them and the time spent with them leaves some great memories to cherish for. Most students are dependent on others for financial assistances that hinders their travel life but whenever they get a chance to, they make the most out of it. The student age is the time when you can enjoy the most without any responsibilities and very little to worry about as compared to the stages of life to come.

2- Senior Citizens

It may sound a little odd to some people to have a travel buddy from the senior citizen group. They are amazing people with a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Whenever you get a chance to travel with them, go for it. They may be the elders from your family or someone from any old age group on a trip. The best part of having such a travel buddy is that they are always willing to share not only their life experience related to the travel but everything and it brings out the child in them. You will surely cherish those moments after the travel.

3- Children

It is a hard feeling to call children one of the best in this category without any previous experience. Everyone loves children as they are cute and honest and all the good things you know about them but being a travel buddy can be like being restricted in a frame of activities to be done. Children can be annoying at times and when you are travelling, you want to have a time to yourself and get away from all the tension. Being the most innocent creature on the earth, children can give you some of the best moments of your life with their stupid mistakes and some amazing things they do when they are mood. And that is what you look for in you travel buddy.

4- Forever Alone People

Every other young boy and girl is engaged in some love affair nowadays and that kind of disconnects them from the world besides their special one. If you have their company during your trip, you might only look for a chance to have a nice little chat but they don’t have time for you. Forever alone are the one who fail miserably at this and live to themselves. They will have all the time for you and it makes them a far better travel buddy than committed people.

5- Family

Family is the best thing that can happen you anywhere, any time in the world. Family is a combination of people who care for you through thick and thin. No holiday can be said so without a quality time spent with family. This time can be in form of any trip or even spending time with them at home.

6- Professional Travelers

Having a professional one to guide you when you are not so good at something is nothing less than a gift and having company of someone who has been there already and knows about the place well enough makes the journey interesting and curiosity build up on the way to see all that yourself. If a group of such people accompanies you on your trip, the trip will surely be amazing.

7- Hikers

Hikers are adventurous people and they can become amazing travel buddy for you. If you have never done something risky in your life, you surely haven’t enjoyed your life. Risk pays off well and hikers are among the few people who know the true essence of it. They can take you with them to do some amazing stuff that you might have not even dreamt of doing. This adventure would really spark your personality and the fear flies away after facing it, not by just hiding and getting your way out of it all the time.

8- Teachers

Teachers are thought of as a boring part of our society commonly but respected due to their profession and how we see them in our daily life. The thing however is that they have a life other than all this too. They have a fun side too and travelling is one of the instances they get to enjoy themselves. Even if you are with them as students on a trip, they can still entertain you keeping the boundary of respect and let you explore their side you have never seen before.

9- Photographers

Who doesn’t love a good portrait of himself to be hanged in the house or put that up as a profile picture in social media? Throughout your travel, you will surely try to capture the most you can of the places visited and people met. A professional photographer with a quality camera can be your best travel buddy to do all that for you. You can also get amazing photos to cherish for all your time left in this world.

10- Historians

The name reflects them as boring to most people but for some, they are a well of knowledge that they can dig as deep as they want to. These people are mostly willing to tell others what they know to promote their field and make other realize their cultural heritage and the stories behind their glory. They can be very inspiring with their facts and figures and you can learn a lot from them.

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