10 Astonishing Facts about Dreams which you must know

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Due to constant running, I was breathing heavily. That hooded figure was following me with dagger in hand and intentions of killing me in his mind. He drew nearer as it was becoming difficult for me to catch a breath. I fell down into the ditch, he pounced upon me and stabbed me in heart. I gave out a loud scream but suddenly I felt the warmth of my bed as I realized that it was only dream. What dreams really are?


Dreams are the series of vivid image sensations and emotions that occur automatically in mind during certain portions of our sleep. Why do we dream or what is the purpose of seeing all those fine images in our head while enjoying our sleep in our cozy warm bed that is not understood yet, though they have been enjoying quiet a place in history, philosophy and religion as well. Oneirology is the branch of science which deal with the study of dreams. If we go down the road the history we finds out that dreams were given a greater priority at that time. At some place they are still enjoying the old attentions. During Roman Era dreams of the important people like king and his senators were submitted to senate for analysis and interpretation. Some of the great idea of the human history were conceived by human beings in their dreams. Let’s see what we actually know about the dreams by reading some Facts about the dreams.

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Here are some of the astonishing facts about dreams:

You Forget 99 % of Your Dreams:

Some morning you woke up with your head full of the memories of the last night which you have experienced in your dreams but all these memories are only 1% of all dreams you have experienced. You will be totally unaware to rest of 99% of them.

Blind people can dream too:

Some of the time we feel pity for the blind person that they can’t see the color of natures at all but even these people are not blind to dream. They can dream as perfect as everyone else enjoying the nature

Premonition Dreams:

There are some of the astonishing cases when people dreamt of the things which were going to happen with them in the coming future or they just got the glimpse of the future. This phenomena is also known as DEJA-VU. Some of the premonitions dreams which have been written down in the history are

  1. Abraham Lincoln Dreamt of his assassination
  2. Many of the victims of 9/11 had dreams warning them about the catastrophe
  3. 19 verified precognitive dreams about “Titanic”
  4. Mark Twain dream of his brother demise..

Dream Drug:

There are actually people who like dreaming and dreams so much that they never want to wake up. They become so much obsessed with dreaming that they want to keep dreaming during the day as well. For this purpose they take a banned but extremely potent drug called “Dimethyltryptamine” that cause the feeling of hallucination which can be as enjoyable as dream as well. It is actually only an isolated and synthetic form of the chemical our brains produce naturally during dreaming.

Increased Brain Activity:

As a general perception about the dreams, they are considered to be quiet and relaxing and are associated with peace but the fact about the dreams is that they increase the Human brain activity. They are also responsible for recharging the creativity of the human brain.

We only see faces of those whom we already know:

It is a proven fact about the dreams that all the faces, scary looking man running behind you or the sweet little girl, are those which you already know and have met them in your real life. So beware the scary looking face which you see daily on your way to office might as well be you next nightmare.

 Inventions Inspired by Dreams:

Dreams are also responsible for the many of the invention of our lives. Most of the scientists conceived the idea of their invention in a dream. Some of the important invention conceived the dreams are

  1. Larry Page got the idea of GOOGLE in his dream.
  2. Nikola Tesla conceived the idea of Alternating Current Generator by dream.
  3. The Sewing Machine, Elias Howe
  4. Periodic Table was written by Dimitri Mendeleyev after getting this idea in dream.

Not Everybody Dreams in Color:

A study form 1915 to 1950 showed that 12 % of the people dreams only in Black & White while other enjoying the dreams in full color. Today this percentage has been reduced to o 4.4% for studying person under 25 years. This recent research suggested that this change may be linked to shifts of Black & White TV films to Color media.

Dreams Tends to be Negative:

Generally dreams are related to emotions but the emotions in the dreams tends to be mostly negative. The three most widely reported emotion felt during the dreams are Fear, Sadness and Anger.

LUCID Dreaming:

There is a method called Lucid Dreaming in which a person know the fact that he/ she is dreaming and this gives a full control to that human to go wherever he wants to go with that dreams. Using various techniques people have supposedly learn to take control of their dreams and do amazing things. Supposedly it is an important way to learn something new in your daily life.

If you snore, you can’t dream:

This is another astonishing fact about the dreams that if you are snoring, you can’t be dreaming. So if someone is snoring all the way till morning, he wouldn’t be enjoying the dreams. So if you want to dream of something big first of all you need to get rid of your snoring problem

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