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10 absolutely shocking & cold reasons for North Korean Generals to wear 100+ medals

Several pictures are floating online where the North Korean Generals can be watched wearing many medals. Now North Korea hasn’t been at war for years, then what is making them earn such medals? The online community shares some sentiments about these medals which belong to the Generals of the most secretive country.

We can document some of the reasons which lead these generals to win these medals but obviously covering all the reasons wouldn’t be possible.

1 – Attentiveness Award:

Generals win this award for listening to the supreme leader for several hours. We think you remember that incident of killing someone who slept while listening to the supreme leader.

2 – North Korea’s Competence Award:

This award is given to the generals who are good with doing their duty to the perfection. Failure to do the duty can lead to death. You can read this news: Supreme Leader executes a turtle farmer for incompetence

3 – Partners in Peace Award:

This popular award is given to the people who had any sort of contact with Denis Rodman while he was in North Korea. Supreme leader worships Denis Rodman due to his average American looks, facial jewellery, tattoos, sunglasses worn inside buildings and bleached hair. He uses Denis’s image to show North Koreans the appearance of average Americans.

4 – North Korean Brazen Bull Award:

This is given to the army officials only and those who have shown interests in Chicago Bulls. Kim Jong-un loves the bulls and you can google this up for the reason.

5 – Kim Jon-2 Choo-Choo Award:

This award is reserved for the senior officials who were on the travel with the supreme leader. Since Kim Jong-un is reported to be fearful of flights, thus he preferred travelling on the train with army officials accompanied for security.

6 – The Brilliant leader worship award:

The Supreme leader is often boasted as a brilliant leader. He surrounds himself with a yes-man crew. The crew is dedicated to listen to his orders and find the wisdom behind and pay tributes. Those people who do the most creative compliments and best praises are given this award.

7 – Supreme Gulag Award:

Those officers who are in some way affiliated with the massive gulag system or prison camps, where 200,000 North Koreans are imprisoned are eligible for this award. Read this article for more information on Prison Camps: You’ll be horrified to watch this massive Gulag System

8 – Amazing execution award:

This award is only reserved for military officials, those officials who design a new and most appealing execution strategy are given this award. Reports suggest that this award was also given to the individuals who took part in these crazy executions.

9 – Eating well award:

This award is given to secure better rations for the better ranks. This results in the rest of military starving, you can do a quick google, ‘North Korean military starving’. This award is given for a period of 3 years of prosperity in food consumption to the reserved ranks.

10 – Heavenly Cow Award:

This award is given to the military officials who share with supreme leader his meal. It’s suggested that he loves to eat donkey and any military person who shares the same food with his leader deserves an award. The heavenly cow award, because supreme leader thinks that “Jackass Tu” is heavenly in taste.

11 – It’s a family affair award:

This award is for the family members who avert their eyes of the supreme leader decisions. It’s said that his uncle tried to overthrow his rule. So he was executed. The aunt got quite angry so supreme leader allegedly poisoned her to death. So, those who remain silent on his decisions deserve this award.

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