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Sick trio kidnapped 14yo girl, gave her drugs & then advertised her as 18yo escort

Written by Wamiq Ali

Another day and another story of three sick people kidnapping a 14-year-old school girl and then physically abusing and assaulting her to the brim of shaming the humanity. These guys, later on, advertised the girl as an 18-year-old mature working girl and sent her forcefully to 20 men who further physically abused the girl.

This incident can make anyone think that these three people were not stable and totally were not sane. The incident is surely going to leave deep wounds on to the personality of the girl. She is not going to soon recover from the horrific past but the good thing is that time heals almost every wound.

Brandon Sharples, 20yo, Jake Cairns, 21yo and Jake McInally, 21yo, gave the teenager some lethal drugs which made him lose her senses. Then they held the girl at an address in Coventry for at least 5 days. Later the police approached the kidnapped girl and found that Cairns had taken the explicit photos of the 14-year-old girl and had uploaded it on the Internet to welcome the potential buyers. he even wrongly mentioned her age to be 18 years.

Jake Cairns, 21, extreme left, Brandon Sharples, 20, middle, Jack McInally, 21, extreme right

Later the same guy forced her to visit the clients during the 5 day period. The girl was found by the police when she was trying to climb out of a first-floor bathroom from a building. The girl went missing when she was in a relative’s home in Coventry. The guy responsible for putting her photographs on the website was tracked down by police as he had fled away. The guy had paid for the ad of the girl using his own personal bank account. It was quite easy for the police to track him down.

The DNA helped identify the potential abusers of the girl.

These three men were involved with the shocking exploitation of a young girl – they took advantage of her drug dependency and made money out of forcing her to be assaulted by strangers.” – said the detective

Cairns first denied knowing the girl but later on the release of DNA report through forensic department made him change his stance on the situation. Three of the people had no fixed address and they are being kept in Police custody.

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