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Now Embed Google Plus Posts Anywhere on Web!

At the very start twitter was into this business but later facebook also introduced the post embed feature and now, Google plus has done the same making the bloggers and other people related to social marketing easily embed and share any post from the google plus to their online website or the blog. Like any post which you have shared on your page or the profile you can easily embed that to your online website.

Embed Post Google Plus


How to embed Google Plus Post:

If you want to embed the post shared by you then you can simply click on the top right button of your post. Then a drop down menu will appear as shown in the above screen shot. Click on the embed post and take the code. Then you can easily paste that code anywhere to let the public directly engage with your google plus post from anywhere.

This Google plus post embed feature is going to help you get more engagement for your page or for your google plus profile, since if you got some marketing guts then you can easily embed some very informative google plus posts in your blog post to attract some more readers to be a fan of your google plus area.

From the embedded post one can easily follow the author, can comment on the post and can also plus on the post thus giving more exposure to a post. Google has also made another improvement to the author information, like if someone uses to login to typepad and wordpress through google account then any post published will automatically linked as his own post with his author attribute. One can also expect some more advancement in case of the author attribution and google will surely let you take more benefit from the author verification.

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