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Netsh wlan hostednetwork | The hosted network could not be started


Sometimes while trying to make the hotspot in windows 7 or windows 8 everything goes fine except the part when one tries to start the hosted network using the command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork“, I previously wrote a guide on how to make a hotspot for sharing your internet connection in windows 8 or windows 7; many people are having the problem for starting the hotspot using the start command in cmd and are getting errors like “The hostednetwork could not be started“.

The hosted network could not be started

Error “Hosted Network Could not be Started” while trying to start hosted wlan network:

Following error can occur in CMD when one tries to start the wlan hostednetwork. If you got any one of those then the solution for such kind of errors has been posted below in the second heading.

The hosted network couldn’t be started The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation.

The hosted network could not be started – Any error containing this line can be resolved with the following solution

The above errors can easily be resolved using the following solution.

Solving: “Hosted network could not be started” using “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”:

There is a pretty straight forward solution for this problem. This happens because of the adapter when it is in the sleep mode, also it can be an uninvited problem which can easily be resolved by uninstalling the adapter and then reinstalling it.

  • Right click the “My Computer” icon at the desktop and then open “properties“. In the left pane open “Device Manager“.
  • In device manager go to the “network adapters” and find your Wireless adapter there, I am supposing here that you want to make a wifi hotspot for the internet connection sharing to a wifi enabled device.
  • Right click on the wireless adapter (there must be wifi adapter word in the wireless adapter’s name) and open “properties“.
  • Go to the power management tab and make it sure that you have selected the option “Allow this device to wake up the computer” also tick “Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power” then hit ok. Save the settings and get out.

Power Management in Wifi Adapter

  • Try to start your hosted network in cmd by typing “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” if this time it starts then the solution worked but in other case if you still get the same error keep on reading.

Second solution to resolve “The hosted network could not be started”:

Again navigate to the wifi adapter in the device manager. Right click your wifi adapter under network adapters and this time click on “uninstall“. This is going to uninstall your wifi adapter driver. After you have uninstalled the driver click on the “Scan for new hardware changes” at the top pane below the file, look into the below screen shot if you can’t find the button for scanning for new hardware:

Scan for new devices in device manager

Click on the button “Scan for hardware changes” and it will reinstall your driver for the wifi adapter.

After the wifi adapter has been uninstalled and reinstalled now again start the wlan hosted network or the wifi hotspot using the command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” this time it will start.


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  1. Cwesi says

    thanks in the first place but none of the two steps worked for me…I,m using
    »HP Pavilion dv6-7043cl Entertainment Notebook PC
    Serial Number: 4CB2251HB7
    with WINDOWS 8

    • Louis Verhagen says

      I have the same problems with a HP Elite notebook 2740P. I have got a feeling that the wifi is switched off internally when there is a lan connection (wired connection).

      Using the wifi button to switch the wifi on or off doens’t help.
      Yes I have got sharing on, and yes I have powering off checked.

      Did you manage to resolve your problem?


      • charitha says

        bro its not working in hp…but you can enable ur network by clicking right click.after enable you can start ur network in cmd :D….

    • Kaify says

      Look for Microsoft Virtual Host under network adapters in device management ….it may be disabled, try to enable it and that should work.

  2. Sameer Salve says

    After completing all the steps in Windows 8, I do not see the new hotspot created in the sharing list of the network that I want to share. A value “WiFi” appears which cannot be updated.

    • says

      I’m encountering same issue here with you. If you’ve resolved it please contact me and tell me what you did next ([email protected]). Thanks

    • Kaify says

      Uncheck sharing apply it and then go to the properties of the network you are trying to share and then you will find the option to share it with the hosted network.

  3. Ritu says

    Hello sir i have tried both the methods but am still getting the same error after typing the command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” …Pls help me..

  4. richa says

    sir..i have a problem … wen i m trying to connect WiFi hotspot i made following these was successfull but in the last wen i connected wifi in my smartfone it showed saved,secured with wpa2 …!! bt i m unable to use internet ..!! plss help

  5. sayad billah says

    sir when i connecet windows 8 hotspot to my iphone, after sometimes ts disconnect.then im try again unable to connect. pls solve my problem.

  6. Sayed Abdullah says

    My hotspot started but every time I turn on my computer, the hotspot is off, why?
    Is there anyway to turn it on permanently?

  7. Sumit says

    Hotspot is created but when i’m trying to connect it from other devices =, its showing “Network disabled. Poor connection”. Whats the reason for this & please tell me what to do

  8. Dixit Soliya says

    I am using windows 8 and I this trick and its successful but it cannot show wifi hotspot name in network connections..and my main internet connection also stopped pls give me some solutions…

    • Kaify says

      Thats the problem with the android device you are using . disable auto switch network under wifi settings on your device and that should resolve it.

  9. Raja Abdul Wahid says

    Dear i started the hotspot on my windows 8 wifi but when im trying to connect my android phone’s wifi with my laptop’s wifi he is asking for password. but i did not active any password in CMD as u advised. kindly help me in this

  10. Raja Abdul Wahid says

    i had put yourpassword in cmd i think that is my password. well now im puting this in password area but it is not working it is not connecting

  11. Thulasi says

    “The hosted network couldn’t be started”
    “a device attached to the system is not functioning correctly in windows 8″

    Can any one please help on above error while connecting to my laptop as wifi…

  12. Tobias Geisler says

    I could start the wifi hotspot and connect my phone, but when I turn off my computer and start it again, the wifi hotspot is gone

    can somebody help me please :)

  13. swapnil says

    Hey, I can see my android getting connected with Wi-Fi (shows grey Wi-Fi signal), but unable to get actual internet (Probably a proxy problem? ). Can you suggest ???


      • prasad says

        i have same problem..
        i used proxy for my phone and laptop in college and both of them work fine..
        but after coming to home when i plug in the internet wire in lan port laptop is working but mobile is not getting wifi…
        i have tried it with Conectify it is still giving problem…
        what to do?
        any suggestions?

      • says

        i m having trouble creating wifi hotspot it says the group or resource is not in the correct state. ihad followed all ur steps but it doesnt resolved

    • Khuzem says

      Did you find solution, can you please share it with me.

      Even I am facing similar problem, the phone is connected to laptop but internet doesn’t work. I have mcAfee installed, tried disabling the firewall but still doesn’t work :(


  14. Abhi says

    Hi, I followed the steps explained by you. When i tried to connect my android through wifi by entering the password in my phone then it shows a message “obtaining IP address..” just below the created connection. It remains the same and i could not use this internet on my phone.

    Please provide a solution.


  15. aniket says

    for me everything works fine for first time.
    after that it stuck at obtaining ip address………………………
    plz help………………….

  16. sainth says

    respected sir,
    i have tried out both the methods, my wifi hotspot is created but when iam connecting the phone to the wifi the phone is unable to connect to the internet.please to help me rectifying this

  17. Amit Shah says

    i have dell inspiron with window 8
    the error message is” the hosted network could not be started
    A device attached to the system is not functioning”
    can u help?

  18. KRISHNA says

    as per ur article i tried to start the hotspot bt am unable to connect the wifi what i created through my lumia 620 model mobile phone.
    * after scanning process the wifi will appear bt cant connect after entering the password.
    it shows that ” unablee to connect to wifi

    please hlp me to solve this

  19. aigclassified says

    hi, after i’ve followed every step, i get the error notification ” the hosted network could not be started, a device attached to the system is not functioning”. i use an internet modem and my laptop’s an hp pavilion g6. i also tried both remedies for other errors and still got thesame error message. so is there any solution specific to this problem. thanks.

  20. giu says

    I was able to use the wifi on my iphone 5 for weeks, then one day it just stopped, i tried starting over and re doing the steps but now my phone will get stuck in the phase while its trying to connect to the wifi , like there is this loading circle going on forever and it never connects.

    any ideas how to fix it?
    it connects at school and other hotspots in my town.
    so i think the problem is with this windows 8 hotspot
    please help

  21. amin says

    i can establish a hotspot and my phone connects to it but my phone cannot go to internet. the antenna signal is full but there is no internet whats the problem?

  22. sanal says

    I ticked the “Allow other network users to connect through this pc internet connection” and in the drop down below, selected the hotspot connection which is “Local Area connection *13” in my case and then hit ok..
    but i am getting a message “as this connection is currently active some settings will not take effective until the net time you you dial it”
    I hit “ok” then again another message came ” can not enable shared access — error :1061 the server can not accept control messages at this time”
    please help.. thanks..

  23. khan says

    Hello sir i have tried both the methods but am still getting the same error after typing the command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” …Pls help me..


    sir there is a quote in addition to networkhost could not be started is aA DEVICE ATTACHED TO THIS COMPUTER IS NOT FUNCTIONING

  25. Riyaz Khan says

    Hello….. ADMIN…..
    mah hotspot is get started at first time but after I open it next time then it shows an error that ,

    “The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    A device attached to the system is not functioning.”

    so what can I do for clearing this error..!!

  26. Toby Thornton says

    I have followed both steps and it still doesn’t seem to be working !? Not sure what to do next so please help

  27. Vivek Malode says

    Thanks Man,
    Very useful, I’m able to connect my android phones internet to laptop, however in some steps I found difficulty but finally it worked out.

  28. uday says

    lv u man u solved my problem….the contactsupposrt executive were also unable to get this issue done…u rock..

  29. jack says

    sir i tried everything u explained but in the internet connection sharing window –>there is no drop down menu–>there’s a text box saying WiFi…….

  30. BoykaAM says

    thanx so mutch, i was oing craizy trying to figure this out. i almoste gave up hope untill i found this. thank you soooooo much. sorry 4 the broken english

  31. kishorereddy says

    good and simple explanation.
    this article resolved my problem..
    thanks a lot..
    one small concerns..
    Point: Go to the power management tab and make it sure that you have selected the option “Allow this device to wake up the computer” also tick “Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power” then hit ok. Save the settings and get out.
    “Allow this device to wake up the computer ” checkbox is hidden mode, unable to select this..
    but my problem was resolved….

  32. Samson says

    Everything works fine. The only challenge i’m facing now is that the new virtual connection I created now doesn’t have internet on it. I think it has to do with the I.P settings. Can you please suggest to me what I will call the gateway default and the other stuffs?

  33. Kalpesh says

    It’s not work for me.I have tried both of the methods to solve it.But it doesn’t work for me,,Now what to do????

  34. Noman says

    Thanks for the nice post but the hotspot disappears when i restart the machine , how can it be created automatically even after retart

    • Kaify says

      Open a notepad and write “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” without quotation mark and save it as .bat file on your desktop ,like hotspot.bat. A batch file will be created with that name , now all you will need to do is right click and “run as an administrator ” and hotspot would be back in action. So it will be like your hotspot application.

  35. Rohan says

    still i am getting authentication error on my phone
    Right click the “My Computer” icon at the desktop and then open “properties“. In the left pane open “Device Manager“.
    In device manager go to the “network adapters” and find your Wireless adapter there, I am supposing here that you want to make a wifi hotspot for the internet connection sharing to a wifi enabled device.
    Right click on the wireless adapter (there must be wifi adapter word in the wireless adapter’s name) and open “properties“.
    Go to the power management tab and the option “Allow this device to wake up the computer”
    i m not able to tick on this option
    please help me

    • Kaify says

      if you are getting authentication error then that must be because you are typing the wrong password. when you wrote the command “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nameOfwifiHotspot key=yourpassword” what did you put where it says “yourpassword” ? you need to put the same exact letters as your password.

  36. kavish says

    my phone is showing dat u could not connect to the wifi network because there was no response from the network
    suggest me some solution Sir

  37. antonis says

    hello sir , thanks in dvance , everything good my smartphone can find it but when i write my code finaly the iphone says annost connct to thiswifi…what i have to do?

  38. jazzycrazzy says

    I created the hotspot and able to connect to the hostednetwork from android phone, IP address is obtained, everything’s fine…but I am unable to connect to the internet from my android mobile.

    I am using a broadband connection and trying to use it for sharing. can you help me resolve my issue?


  39. Paul says

    the network/wifi adapter you are referring to in the device manager is not visible or not there
    i can only see: bluetooth device(personal area network), bluetooth device(RFCOMM Protocol TDI), intel(R) centrino(R) wireless-N 2230, microsoft hosted network virtual adapter, microsoft kernel devug network adapter, and realtek PCIe FE family controller.
    what should i do? the first tutorial is great it works but after disabling it, i’ve got the same problem “The hosted network couldn’t be started The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation.” can you help me fix this? or anyone who did fix it can you please email me here [email protected] on how you did it. thanks

  40. Paul says


    • Paul says

      of course you do have to follow all the instructions again on how to create a hotspot but nevertheless it works hahah cheers guys

  41. Sangeetha vijay says

    I got almost done with all the steps to connect lap and my tab…
    after getting the password it says
    “network disabled.Poor connection ” in my tab..

    but the wifi connection are working properly while i do tethering

    Please do reply
    Your help will mean a lottttttttt to me…
    Thanks in advance

  42. Sangeetha vijay says

    i have almost completed the steps to coneect net from lap to android tablet

    it says the connection is secured.. then “Obtaining address”
    then finally it says “Network disabled .Poor connection ”

    how to solve this please help

    Your help means a lot to me
    Thanks in advance

  43. olawale says

    Correction: You don’t have to disable your adapter. The Adhoc value should be set to enable.

    From the device manager, go to the properties of the Network adapter you want to share.
    Click the advance tab, and from the drop down menu, select “Adhoc support for 802.11n” set the value to Enable. Run the “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” command again.
    The result is “Hostnet network started again”

    Hotspot network will start working

  44. says

    For everyone who have accidentally disabled their local area network or having problem “the network could not be started” try this go to my computer right click-> properties->device manager->network adapter-> there you will find bluetooth device, wifi adapter, and others right click on network adapter-> then properties-> general then if it is disabled enable it. Worked for me.

  45. Tharshith says

    THANK YOU for method 2. It is working.
    Hosted network has started.
    But when using that to connect WiFi for phone , after authentication , it is stopping at
    “obtaining IP address” .
    How to get over this.
    Not a problem in the phone as I tried using different phone.

  46. Aakansha says

    your solution is unable to solve the problem.
    i disabled the local connection and i again created a new connection with a new ssid and key.. then again it is showing the same comment:
    the group or the resources are not in the correct state………………..!
    please tell another solution to rectify this..

  47. Tapash says

    But my mobile is saying authentication failed when I trying to connect. What can I do. Please help me. I Have windows 8.1(32 bit)

  48. vikas says

    laptop as successfully established the wifi network….but when i try to connect ..error is coming..that your phone wouldn’t reach the hosted wifi network…what i should do help me out please

  49. Sankalpa Kumar says

    You did some great job. I successfully turned my windows 8 laptop into a hotspot sharing zone. But the problem is…when I’m connecting my Ipod touch with this shared network, the mighty WiFi signal is showing connected along with its full engrossed signal…But when I’m going to browse anything on it; my safari is showing cannot open page because it is not connected to the internet.
    Could you please help me out with it?
    Thanks anyway

  50. Nishant says

    Great………..worked for me
    Don’t bother about power management, if it doesn’t appear………….just uninstall and reinstall the driver as discribed

  51. says

    Bro, I’ve tried doing it, but I am unsuccessful in establishing a hotspot. I’ve put name and password and then when its time to start it, there’s a message being displayed as, ” the local area network interface is powered down”. I tried going to the properties and all as mentioned above, but there is no such option as power management. What should I do now?

  52. Tushar Chowdhury says

    when i am trying to connect my phone with the created hotspot, Authentication Problem is the message i am getting. What should i do??

  53. Maryam says

    I followed the whole procedure, my hotspot has been created but my sharing is still an issue, I have tried disabling the firewall and antivirus but it didn’t do any good.

  54. Jan says

    Hi, i started hostednetwork on my laptop wifi, is wisible and my phone could connect but cannot upload or download anything. i tried to shut down firewall and antivir but still no activity, tried to connect directly on adapter IP and still not working. sharing connection on ethernet private network is allowed. Can you help me?

      • Shoaib says

        HI there….!
        It was great reading your tutorial
        Easy and to the point!

        I wanted to reply there but I could not find the reply link there.

        Actually I wanted to ask whether I can use a wifi internet access of my laptop through a newly created virtual router created following your tutorial.?

        I have a wifi network with which I can connect my laptop, but I cant connect my anroid as it asks username and password both.

        SO I created a virtual router following your tutorial. I also enabled the connection sharing of the actual wifi connection. I can access the new virtual router on my android, connect it successfully but there is no internet access on my mobile.

        So please tell how can I share my previous working wifi internet connection to my newly created virtual wifi router?
        What else can I try?

  55. Deepa says

    Thanks for this tutorial.. It helped a lot.
    But I didnt get connected to Wifi following these 2 steps.. Error that the device attached to the system is not functioning.

    Finally I browsed and did this- Switch on the Wireless adapter by pressing Fn & F2 key or in my Dell Inspiron INSP1440 , it is simply F2(like bluetooth on). Thats it , now I gave the netsh wlan start hostednetwork command in cmd, and it worked… after days of browsing :)

  56. Viswanathan says

    My Hosted Network is created, my problem is,
    it is shown in my smartphone and connected but
    the wifi network in my phone is automatically restarting and connection is lost

  57. fredricvictor says

    It could be also useful to update the article and write that you can change the channel by going on the advanced properties of the wifi adapter!! I had problems because the channel used by the hosted network was overcrowded!!

  58. Adith says

    i have also same problem in my hp laptop none of these has worked… i have tried everything… when i go to enable microsoft hosted virtual adapterr it shows it cannot be can i solve this…
    while i see the icon in network adapter tab it shows a yellow icon smal icon in side..
    cn u plz help to rectify this prob as early plz

    thnkzz n advnceee

  59. NIket says

    I am using the Wifi Hotspot in my laptop Windows7. I am able to connect to the Wifi from my phone but after sometime the Internet connection in my system gets terminated. The Internet connection is shown connected and I will be in a position were i cannot disconnect the connection. All I have to do is restart my system. Do you have a solution for this. or

    Do you know any command through which I can disconnect the Broadband Internet Connection from the command prompt

  60. Daniel says

    Hi. Sorry I’ve seem this error up here a million times but no solution has been given.

    It worked great the first time. But when I shut down my laptop I can’t seem to get it up again.
    I successfully created the network, shared it and my phone (S3) even connects to it great.
    BUT I have no internet access at all.

    The network says it has access to Internet from my Network And Sharing.

  61. Trishna says

    I have created wifi hotspot using command prompt admin before.It worked for me perfectly..But for the last couple of days while entering “netsh wlan start hostednetwork ” it is giving me an error “the hosted network couldn’t be started.
    the wireless local area network interface is powered down and doesn’t support the requested operation”. The things that you have mentioned I have tried all of these.Everything is totally alright there. Still it giving the error message.. Please help me..I need help!!

  62. says

    Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually realize what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Please also consult with my website =). We will have a link change contract among us

  63. Asus says


    I solved the problem for those who receive the error the hosted network couldn’t be started a device attached to the system is not functioning

    I am using windows 7

    1. right click the network icon in your taskbar (bottom right of the screen next to the time and date)
    2. click Troubleshoot problems
    3. click Apply fix

    An alternative way is to
    1. open Network and Sharing Center (from the task-bar or control panel)
    2 click Troubleshoot problems
    3. click Apply fix

    That’s it.

    Now go to command prompt and type the command netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    Problem should be solved.

    Reason for the error is that your wifi looks like it is turned on but actually it is NOT turned on. That’s because windows sucks.
    When you follow the above instructions your wifi will turn on for real and the problem will be solved.


  64. Ankit says

    i cant see the wifi adapter in the device manager. i have used it once but after that i closed it…after that its showing the group or resources………requested operation….i used to try the solution but it cant work i cant see the wifi adapter

  65. Liz says

    Hello! I’ve been having a similar problem with the command prompt. It was working fine until today. It tells me:
    The hosted network couldn’t be started.
    A device attached to the system is not functioning.
    I don’t know why it says that or how to fix it.

  66. phil says

    past few months its ok with my W8.1 suddenly today cant obtain IP address.. (network disabled because internet connection is slow)

    same with other android phone and iPhones. please help :(

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