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Model shares obscene text messages which Ronaldo sent her “Behind pregnant girlfriend’s back”

Written by Wamiq Ali

The news is making the football fans freak out as the Portuguese model has revealed cheeky messages with Cristiano Ronaldo. It is being reported by The Sun that Footy superstar Cristiano Ronaldo cheated on with his pregnant girlfriend with an aspiring model named Natacha Rodrigues. The reality TV star accused Ronaldo of secretly messaging her for consecutive 2 years. She said that he wanted to have a look at her obscene pictures.

Natacha Sofia poses

Natacha Sofia poses!

Natacha got messages from Ronaldo, “I love your b*m. I want to see it in the flesh.” She claims that she bedded the star in March this year quite a time after he had met his partner Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo, later on, contacted Natacha and requested her to keep the conversation a secret. Natacha the 21yo model said that she knew Ronaldo had a girlfriend but they became friends instantly. She claimed that they felt like sharing a trust and bond between each other. “He was a lovely person and after messaging for so long it was amazing to be with him” – she said. The Sun reported that Cristiano Ronaldo first noticed the model after she messaged him on the Instagram.

Natacha Sofia on Instagram

The model further revealed that Ronaldo called the night to be quite special. Later on, she revealed to him about taking part in the Portuguese reality show. Ronaldo told the model to not take part in any such show. Some days later he blocked the model.

In an interview with The Sun the model revealed that she felt like being used like a body only to quench the desires of Ronaldo. “I don’t have regrets because being with him was like a dream come true but I feel betrayed.” – she said with no regret. So, today she revealed the racy messages of Ronaldo praising her big bottom.

Ronaldo had broken up with his ex Irina Shark, 31yo, and at that time Natacha first contacted the guy on Instagram. Later, when Ronaldo and Natacha went ahead, Ronaldo gave her his apartment access for once. “I couldn’t believe I was walking into Cristiano Ronaldo’s apartment. My heart was racing but he was very nice and sweet and told me to act as if I was in my home.” – said Natacha.

Later, they stayed in the apartment for hours and went to almost every room in order to make some love. However, some days later when Natacha broke the news of her participation in a reality tv show, Ronaldo blocked her on Instagram.

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