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Horrifying moment cruel dog owner beats his greyhound to death for losing money in a dog race

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is a really disturbing moment as a man was found slamming his dog onto the floor just because of his anger for losing a dog race in Northern China. The poor animal has no idea about anything wrong which he has committed with his owner. Above all the poor dog actually died in the end following the serious nature of the abuse which it endured.

I am sure that the animal rights activists in the China will lodge a complaint against this scumbag for hitting a dog so hard that it made it lose its life. The erratically shot mobile phone video shows the angry man shouting in a very vicious tone as he picked up his dog and started to slam it onto the floor. He grabbed the dog by its hind-legs and swung it in the air.
The news website which published the video I wrote that in the end, this guy claimed of eating the meat of this the dog after cooking it.

This incident occurred in Xiong county of Hebei province. The video was shot on 3rd of December according to the Pear video and he repeatedly hit the dog on to the ground until it lost its breath. The guy was shouting, ‘you made me lose my money‘.

Another unnamed person also appeared in the video and told that the guy had spent a lot of fortune on this dog to prepare him for an upcoming dog race but then it made him lose all the money which made in quite angry.

The guy beating the dog to death also said that if a dog is not doing well then the owner must eat it. Thus, in the end, he claimed of cooking the dog to eat its meat.

The clip was shared on the Chinese-Twitter like social media platform Weibo. It got billions of use and people are outraged on the man.

Do you want to watch the video? Then watch it here, as we can’t embed it on our website due to it being graphical in nature.

‘Such a useless man, his mother should slam him on the floor the same way as he did to the dog!’ said ‘Michiko’ in a comment made on video.

‘The dog is innocent in this, he is absolutely crazy and heartless to animals,’ ‘tiannin_175’ wrote.

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