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Guy gets brutally beaten up by a mob after knocking out this woman who bullied him

Written by Wamiq Ali

A woman and a guy are having some heated arguments on the road. This woman actually bullied the guy and started calling him by names with added anger. In the start of the video the woman is calling the guy with quite indecent words which we can’t quote here and it looks like that this woman provoked the guy. If you want to know about her name calling technique then you have to watch the video at the end of this article.

We are not sure about the whereabouts of this woman and the guy but sure as hell there are a lot of guys around. Why the people have gathered around this place isn’t yet clear as the video was uploaded by an anonymous user who recorded it using his cell phone. This girl sure has a lot of people on her side because after bullying the guy it was a mob of people who actually stood up and started beating up the poor guy interested.

So what happened was that the guy after listening to a lot of hate words from the woman stood up for himself and he punched her right in the face. It made her feel the ground as she fell down. Boy, as a result, started to get beaten up by an angry mob as people got angry when they saw their queen taking a hit right in the face.

You see video below and maybe someone among you knows the entire story behind this video but with the current information, it shows that the guy has done nothing wrong.

What do you guys think? Was the guy practically doing nothing? or maybe before the video, he too was provoking the woman! But the mob played its role in a wrong way and I guess we all are on the same page.

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