Guy accidentally kills himself while taking selfie with a grenade

Written by Wamiq Ali

Poor guy dies because of a small mistake which he did while he posed for the selfie. The guy belonged to Russia and he wanted to take a selfie with a grenade but he pulled out the pin accidentally and died on the spot.

Guy named Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik took a selfie with a grenade and sent the image to one of his friends, moments before it detonated in his hands and caused his death. After his death, the police appeared on the scene and after an investigation concluded that it all happened accidentally. They found that the guy had sent the image to a lot of friends and after they checked the images it was clear that the guy had no intention to kill himself.

Screenshot Credits: Daily Mail

The conversation went on like this, a friend texted the guy seeking his wellness.

Friend: Where are you? Are you OK?

Chechik: Depends on what OK is in your understanding?

(He sends a picture of the grenade in his with pin removed)

Friend: Listen don’t do stupid things! Where are you?

(Moments later, Chechik died in an explosion)

Graphic Image, so blurred! The shattered glass of the car can be seen!

According to the police report, Chechik wasn’t aware that pulling out the pin of a hand grenade blows it up. He thought that the grenade will not blow off as far as he will hold it in his hand. Since he had also sent pictures of him with a grenade, the police concluded the case as accidental rather than suicidal in nature.

The Russian Investigative Committee is further investigating the incident to prevent any future happenings like this since the provision of the grenade to the guy isn’t yet clear. How he got close to a grenade is a mystery at the moment.

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