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Douchebag tries to kick the bird for fun but ends up breaking his leg instead

Written by Wamiq Ali

I don’t understand the fun of hitting a bird or an animal. The people who seriously attempt to hurt an animal or a bird are contemptible. They need some sort of treatment for even thinking to hurt some animal. The Internet has helped us uncover a lot of people who tried to harm animals and birds. We got another video of a man walking on the streets who tried to hurt a free bird roaming around on foot.

We are not sure about the identity of the man or the place but his act is stupid and selfish enough to get him featured in this article. A lot of people might accuse us of the lack of details but we are sharing this video only to stop anyone from trying to do this act again. These birds and animals don’t have a mind of their own, they have a brain which makes them only defend themselves and feed. They don’t have a language so they can’t claim or share about the atrocities of humans. There are a lot of animal organizations working for their safety but all the schemes couldn’t stop this one guy’s act to harm a bird.

Nature itself stepped into the case and helped this guy learn some meaningful lesson. We hope that after sliding across the street this guy never thought about kicking a bird again. Today we are expanding our reach by eliminating natural habitats of animals and birds. Governments should now think about leaving some habitable place for all these animals who will get extinct with the passage of time. This particular notion can only be progressed into the ruling parties only if people like him stop doing such acts and start to have some love for the animals.

GIF shows a guy trying to hit a bird

A guy attempts to hit a bird and then nature intervenes

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