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Disturbing, Scumbag caught on camera throwing his dog into freezing sea

Written by Wamiq Ali

Sometimes I fail to understand the reason behind human cruelty. It is quite absurd to do something against the animals for no reason at all. These animals who cannot speak on their own and mainly rely on their body language are harmed in different ways all around the globe especially in underdeveloped nations. The animal cruelty happens in developed countries too and I think that some centralised laws must be there too prevent animal abuse.

A lot of people use the animal for moving objects from one place to another and they forget to take proper care of it. Some people use the animals as pets. Some people use animals as a friend and use them to cope with loneliness. Animals for sure are a part of humans and for decades they have helped them in different ways.

A video of a man throwing his dog into freezing she got uploaded on social media and it instantly started to earn the hate of the people. The dude must be tossed into the water for once so that he understands. Unilad reported that in a horrifying moment a violent dog owner tossed an innocent Greyhound into the cold frozen sea.

The people around the place said that they saw three men with nine dogs making their way to the pier in Hartlepool in County Durham. One particular owner thought of a stupid act and he threw his dog into the cold frozen sea. The owner stood at the end of the pier and tossed his dog up to 6 feet. John Stephenson, the owner of the Greyhound Rescue North East shared quite a concern over the news.

Owner looking at the dog after he hits the surface of the cold water

He said, “I have never heard of anything like this before, there is just no logic to it. Why on earth would anyone throw a dog into the sea like this in freezing cold conditions, it is just stupid.” The guy was seen repeatedly throwing his dog into the water. An inspector has launched an investigation and soon we’ll have some update on the matter.

The photos were provided by a man who happened to be standing there at the scene. If anyone has information about this guy then do let the authorities know, or you can drop comments.

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