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Black kid tracks down white boy, stabs him because of ‘lessons taught at home’

Written by Wamiq Ali

This kid who just killed another kid is to be the youngest person in Kent county charged with murder and the judge declared him competent to stand trial. The two Michigan boys went to a playground in order to have some fun as the most kids want but unfortunately one of them didn’t walk out of the playground alive.

The dead child became a perfect target for a black kid who had a twisted background due to the sick lessons which he learnt back at home. The Vengeance and hate made him perform a heinous crime.

Jamarion Lawhorn, 13yo, is going to face trial on charges of murdering a 9-year-old Connor Verkerke on a Kentwood playground. The boy used a knife which he had buried under the sand in the same playground.

The decision of the Kent County family court judge Paul came despite the psychological report released by the defence side declaring the boy not sufficiently capable of understanding the charges against him.

The judge on contrary gave the verdict that the boy was competent enough to face the charges as an adult.

While the defendant may not understand all the details of the process, that makes him no different from most Americans who gain their understanding of the criminal justice system from television and movies, – The judge Paul Denenfeld wrote in his opinion and presented in the court.

The judge was of the opinion that the boy totally understood the nature and object of the proceedings depending upon his heinous act which he performed against the other boy.

The defence side is quite angry at the judge and they are saying that at the age of 12 a child is not able to comprehend the consequences of his actions.

The parents of the child who killed the other boy, right one is the stepdad

Poor kid didn’t know his victim but instead, he had only one thing in mind that he wanted to kill someone in order to get rid of the house where he lived. He was a constant object of abuse back at his home. His mum and stepdad used to beat him up with an extension cord. There were other devices of torture used against him and he was being treated like a slave.

It is quite intriguing to know that the boy himself called the police and told him the entire story and ask them to help him leave his house.

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