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77yo ‘Sugar Daddy’ strangles 23yo ‘Plenty of Fish’ date after she rejects him for lying about his age

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 77-year-old man strangles his first date with a 23-year-old woman after they met each other on plenty of fish, a website which allows people to find other people who are interested in dating them. The 77-year-old man was later arrested by the police.

Alan Richard Schmitt belonging to Virginia was arrested at the home of his first date, the name of his first date hasn’t been revealed yet, the girl had called the cops after the guy tried to attack her and strangle her to death.
The woman letter gave her statement to the police and told them that she did not like the advancements of the old guy since she was not aware of his original age before. The guy had technically lied about his age on the virtual dating website.

The woman was no longer interested in the guy after she realised that he was older than her.

The guy doesn’t become angry at the spot instead persuaded the women to accompany him on a shopping tour to a shopping store. It is told that Mr Schmitt bought her some dresses worth dollar 400 before he took her back to her home. Things went down from here as the guy after reaching her home demanded her to give him back all the shopping stuff along with the shirt which she was wearing. The woman refused to give back the shirt and then he allegedly grabbed the neck and slammed her to the ground. reported the incident and blogged the entire story of the incident.

The woman then narrated to the authorities that the old man jumped right on her and set on top while trying to choke her.

The officer who wrote the women criminal report said, “I observed her necklaces were in pieces, and there were small bleeding scratches around her neck.

The guy on the other side has a total different story to tell as he says that the woman when refused to give him back the intended stuff she pushed him in the face. Nevertheless, the old man has been charged with the strangling of another and he will appear in the court later this month.

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